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Hanging Feathered Parrot on Perch 60cm

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Product Brand: Lussoro
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Hanging Feathered Parrot on Perch 60cm
Give your home a touch of the exotic with this colourful, tropical parrot sat on a perch. It’s quirky and has an inquisitive turn of the head.

For animal lovers and Monty Python fans. Yes it is a dead parrot and it has ceased to be. And while this one isn’t nailed to its perch, nor is it a Norwegian Blue, it does have beautiful plumage.

No mess, no squawks. As gorgeous as the real thing, it has all the colour, but none of the problems to clear up and it won’t keep you awake for all hours of the night.

Parrots of the Caribbean. Parrots have traditionally been associated with pirates. And while they may have said ‘pieces of eight’ – this decorative version is exceptionally good value so you won’t be as sick as a proverbial one.

Parrots are perfect in any place. These two are ideal for a lounge, dining room or conservatory. Imagine if you have a pair of real parrots how amusing it would be to have them alongside.

Ssshhh – no more spilled beans. This parrot won’t tell all your secrets, so you can shout and sweat that the TV without worry.

Height: 60cm
Depth: 28cm

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